Might & Magic 10 Legacy: Ubisoft investigates issues

Although the retro role-playing game Might & Magic 10 Legacy was released in 2014 and is seven years old, fans of the game weren’t excited about Ubisoft’s server shutdown on June 1. Less because online services for the title are no longer available, but because Ubisoft has overlooked a crucial issue: game copy protection requires server confirmation, otherwise players won’t be able to enter the Might & Magic 10 Legacy’s DLC regions or beyond playing Act 1. Now Ubisoft commented on the issue.

Ubisoft is aware of the problem and is considering all possibilities

The company confirmed to Fellows from PCGamesNThey are working on a solution: “We are constantly evaluating what needs to be done to provide our players with the best possible experience. On June 1, we turned off several services for some older games, including Might & Magic 10 Legacy, because they no longer met the criteria for Our own safety.”

“In the course of this promotion, we unfortunately encountered an unexpected issue with the said title, which is preventing new and returning players from accessing the game and downloadable content. We are currently investigating all possible options and will inform players as soon as we learn more. In the meantime, we have decided to take out Might & Magic 10 Legacy from sale until the situation changes,” a Ubisoft spokesperson said.

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Reddit fixed the problem on its own

on reddit After a short time, instructions on how to bypass copy protection were circulated. However, since this procedure involves manipulating game data, you risk damaging your score and missions in the game. A more temporary solution than audacity shouldn’t actually be necessary.

Since Ubisoft has now officially announced that it is working to fix the problem, a serious action is probably unnecessary. You just have to be patient. The company has not revealed when the Might & Magic 10 Legacy will reasonably be playable again. In addition to the retro RPG, Ubisoft also took Far Cry 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, and Assassin’s Creed 2 off the net on June 1. None of these addresses suffered from this action, except for the discontinuation of online services.

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