Jim Carrey 'Disgusted' by Will Smith: The actor would have been better off not saying anything after the Oscars...

While he has been a vocal opponent of Will Smith’s gestures during the Oscars, Jim Carrey has suffered criticism for an old story: when he forcibly tried to kiss 20-year-old actress Alicia Silverstone in 1997.

Will Smith’s slap keeps getting people talking. While he’s one of the latest celebrities to criticize Will Smith’s slap in the face with Chris Rock during the latest Academy Awards Sunday night, Jim Carrey might have been better off staying quiet. the reason ? As he pointed his finger sharply at the Oscar audience to give Will Smith a standing ovation after winning his award, The American actor is the target of a wave of criticism of facts dating back more than two decades.

This is how netizens discovered two videos dating back to 1997, Where we see Jim Carrey “sexually assaulting” actress Alicia Silverstone, then 20, at the awards show, before attempting to forcibly kiss Will Smith during the same event. Carey, who announced Thursday night that he is “possibly retiring”, insisted that Will Smith should be taken abroad. However, fans were quick to address it “hypocrite”with this video re-highlighted by reference to the 1997 MTV Movie Awards.

Jim Carrey slammed for trying to kiss Alicia Silverstone hard

In the footage, who was 35, Jim Carrey can be seen climbing the podium to receive an award from Alicia Silverstone, before holding her in an attempt to kiss her hard while she was trying to push him away. During this same party, the American actor was also seen trying to kiss Will Smith, which was announced as the biggest winner of the Best Kiss award. Since these two videos have been circulating on social networks, Jim Carrey has received many negative comments. You’ll get it: the latter certainly regrets having spilled so much on Sunday’s slap.

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