Swipe pixel art for metal slug tactic

old game lovers, Dotemo And the Games Studio announce Metal Slug Tactics. what I say ? The name of the game speaks for itself, we have a universe metal ingot with a game tacticalSo it’s very exciting! The trailer sets the tone, the game is only great if you like the style. And the farm, we appreciate.

Levels are handcrafted layouts of different terrain tiles for a variety of challenges. Metal Slug Tactics benefits from close and unpredictable combat that requires a sharp tactical feel more than good memorization of game situations. The roguelite elements offer great replayability and victory is very satisfying, but if a cunning squad becomes too rebellious or that the boss seems stronger than expected, the game is relaunched in an instant to give you another chance.

Gorgeous pixel art graphics benefit from ultra-smooth animations that pay tribute to the timeless aesthetics of licensing: Metal Slug Tactics comes all too naturally to add its blockbuster to the legendary series, whose iconic visuals have accompanied gamers for over 25 years. Tense clashes are fully supported by the active compositions of Tee Lopes, known among other things for his work on Sonic Mania, League of Legends, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredders Revenge, Mr. X Nightmare DLC of Streets of Rage 4. Metal Slug Tactics is a complete celebration of a particularly important licence, insofar as it is an original and original title registered entirely in modernity.

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