Formula 1 |  Why the Red Bull chose Perez

Sergio Perez has planning security: Red Bull has extended his Formula 1 contract by another year. Perez will be a teammate of Max Verstappen and will compete in the second season of the 2022 race on team boss Christian Horner’s energy drink race. Horner explained why, at the start of training for the Belgium Grand Prix at the spa in “Sky”.

Horner says in front of him that this is a “clear decision” for Perez. Perez had “truly positive influence on the team” during the first eight months of his career at Red Bull. However, Horner does not go into detail here.

Instead, the team boss insisted that Perez had already shown “a couple of strong races”, especially when he shone when he won in Azerbaijan. However, there Perez was the only one to dust off because his Red Bull colleague Verstopen failed when he was in the lead.

Why the early announcement?

Anyway: they want to reward Perez’s performance by giving clarity early in the current season, says Horner. O-Dan: “We wanted to put an end to speculation and put pressure on his shoulders.”

Then there’s an interesting post: “In the second half of the season, and of course using this [Saison 2022 mit dem dann] Confirm the new rules. “Externally, Perez does not seem to be in question for the rest of the current season in 2021. Here, too, Horner does not elaborate further.

The former racer emphasizes the “stability” of the Red Bull team in Formula 1, which could play a key role in the development for 2022. “

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Perseus performance compared to Verstappen

Perez also knows “what we expect from him in the current year,” Horner explains. “He should support Max, and also consider the Builders’ Championship.”

Both things were tough for Perez over the course of this season. The direct comparison between him and Verstappen shows: in qualification and racing, the Mexican team is clearly second.

Horner explains: It’s very difficult to drive an RB16B

How does Horner explain it? He mentions the features of the current RB16B and says that the car is “naturally built around Max’s driving style” as the team boss says.

Horner continues: “The car is very tense at the entrance to the corner, at least in some corners. That’s what it was before the beer.” [Gasly] And Alex [Albon] Had to fight. Looking at this I would say that Seko did a good job. But we have taken some steps to help him. “

But Horner says Perez will find it easier by 2022. Formula 1 will open a new chapter and technically “start again”. “This is a completely different automotive philosophy. In the end I think all teams will have the best driving cars.”

Perez is said to be “very active” in the 2022 plan

In fact, Red Bull Perez is already engaged in “preparatory work” for 2022, Horner says. “It will intensify in the second half of the year. There Seko will play a very active role.”

At the same time, the team boss wants to see progress in the form of racing. Perez’s largest construction site qualifies, “especially considering some more courses to come,” Horner said.

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He predicted: “Seko will continue to improve as he gets used to the car well. So far he has had some misfortune on racing day. It needs a good Sunday.”


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