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Robert Lewandowski is having fun with FC Barcelona. Despite all the success with FC Bayern, there are ample reasons for change.

Munich – Robert Lewandowski’s move from Dortmund, Bayern to Bayern Munich has paid off! The Polish striker is the fifth highest scorer in the Bundesliga, only the sixth top scorer format. In the 2019/2020 season, Lewandowski scored 15 Champions League goals, the third best of all time.

But Lewandowski could not shine alone, with FC Bayern winning almost everything in his time: seven German championships, three trophy wins. Plus, a really big win in 2020, the long-awaited Champions League title. Lewandowski has achieved everything with FC Bayern, which is unlikely to get to the top. So goodbye soon? On Monday, reports circulated that no Bayern fan would like it: Polish broadcaster TVP announced that Lewandowski had already reached an agreement with FC Barcelona. The news was denied by the German media. There are still some obvious reasons to say goodbye soon. Byrne’s dream is really getting bigger. An overview.

Robert Lewandowski before leaving Bayern? The importance of the Bundesliga has diminished

Despite the excellent performances, Robert Lewandowski never won the Ballon d’Or. This may also be due to the international outlook of the Bundesliga. Not only is FC Bayern Munich’s extreme dominance, but the importance of the Bundesliga has diminished considerably. Even after the 2014/2015 season, the Bundesliga were third in the UEFA five-year rankings, with the gap for the Premier League being very narrow. Meanwhile, the Italian Serie A has passed and the gap between the Premier League and the Spanish La Liga looks huge.

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Moving to a better club in the UK or Spain would be to Levantovsky’s “RL9” brand associated with advertising deals and fashion collections. The Premier League offers a very wide and incredibly high standard, which has long been considered the strongest league in the world internationally. La Liga shines with famous names like Real Madrid or FC Barcelona, ​​and competitive competition, due to the introduced salary cap. It was this match that made the Bundesliga disappear for years.

FC Bayern: Is Lewandowski not satisfied with the style of play?

As Lewandowski matured into age, his confrontation announcements sometimes seemed to fade for fellow players who were normal in Dortmund. This is what you thought, but it’s worth noting: Lewandowski’s body language has changed a lot in recent weeks. Pole has high expectations of himself and the team as a whole, which became clear last November when the superstar expressed his dissatisfaction with the way he plays with Julian Knucklesman’s national team.

“Finding a goal or a place on the field in Bayern recently has not been easy for me. When you play with six attackers and the opponents play very defensively, it’s not easy for a striker,” he said at the time. The first leg defeat against deep Villarreal must have strengthened Lewandowski’s vision.

Robert Lewandowski’s body language in Bayern was very positive. © IMAGO / Markus Fischer

Pini Zahavi: Lewandowski adviser may force change

The relationship between Bini Jahavi and FC Bayern is considered broken. The 78-year-old has been Robert Lewandowski’s adviser since 2018. Prior to the current season, he was in talks with FC Bayern about a new contract for David Alaba. Austria famously chose Real Madrid, where he signed until 2026. Alaba Real is said to be earning a total of 19 million euros a year.

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During the negotiations, Uli described Honesty Jahawi as a “greedy piranha” who greatly affected Alabama’s father. “It’s really about the money, nothing else,” Hones murmured. Lost Jahavi with Levantovsky, the next Bayern legend after Spain?

FC Bayern and Lewandowski: FC Barcelona also offers

FC temporarily approached Bayern to extend Lewandowski’s contract, initially offering the Pole only a one-year extension of his contract, which expired in 2023. Problems from Bayern’s point of view: Lewandowski seems to have ambitions to play at the European level for as long as possible.

FC Barcelona must pay the same salary as FC Bayern with a longer contract period. In March 2022, Lewandowski’s team met Barcelona boss Jon Laborda in Barcelona. It must have been about money, too.

Lewandowski moves to Barcelona? A new chapter is possible at the end of life

Lewandowski finds the Spanish league attractive. “We love this league!” His wife Anna revealed this last June. When asked by a reporter if Lewandowski would play in Spain, Anna briefly replied: “We’ll see, we’ll see. Maybe.” It is very likely that the pole will be pulled to another country in the fall of his career.From one FCB to another? Eventually, he could become a legend in two big clubs.

Lewandowski is not currently the only controversial transfer issue in Bayern. Most recently there was a contract spin around Serge Knabry. (mha)


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