British Museum employee has been stealing exhibits for 20 years: ‘They were also sold on eBay.’  The museum downplayed the warnings

Just a few days ago the employee issue The British Museum Fired on suspicion stolen several Artifacts from the collections It was not displayed in the museum, but now, it is reported times According to English police sources, it appears that business theft has been going on for at least some time twenty years. “Many things – says the source cited by the newspaper – were there Sold to a few hundred pounds. Some have simply been melted.”

but this is not all. Already in February 2021 Art Dealer Itay Gradel It was sent to the Museum Foundation e-mail The warning he said anxiety to locate in sale on ebay parts of Jewels dating back to Roman time. the Assistant Director Jonathan Williamsagain according to the reconstruction timesHowever, he responded to the email only five months later, explaining that he had performed comprehensive investigation in the matter that he did not raise There is no evidence Of any Irregularities.

Peter John HiggsThat is the name of the 56-year-old fired employee, who was a responsible secretary Collections about ancient Greece. His case has alarmed art experts and others, even going so far as to unleash a real case international controversy. “The Foundation can no longer claim that Hellenic discoveries are protected,” denounced the director of the Association of Hellenic Archaeologists Despina Kotsumbathus re-launching the lifetime diatribe on Parthenon marble I stay in London e claimed by Greece. “They should be is back Why I’m not safesaid the archaeologist in an interview with BBC Radio. The answer was Conservative MP Tim Lawton, Chairman of the British Museum Parliamentary Working Group, who objected that the disappearance of the exhibits, though a serious fact, “certainly does not question the security afforded by the Museum of London to the treasures kept within”, also referring to the Greek part of “blatant opportunism”.

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