Qatargate, 20 thousand euros seized from Giorgi.  The vice president banishes Eva Kylie:

Investigations and research into the case continue QatargateThe Alleged corruption network Prepared by the Gulf State which will include different political advocates from the European Union. Today, December 13th, Financial Guard agents seized approx 20 thousand euros Cash during a home search ad you have fatin the Milan region Francesco GiorgiRafik, former Vice-President of the European Parliament, Eva Kylie. Both were arrested along with the former MEP Antonio Panziriin which Giorgi played the role of a parliamentary aide. Kaylee He denied his involvement In the case of corruption. Kylie’s lawyer, Michalis Dimitrakopoulos, announced on Greek television today: “My assistant declares her innocence and that she has nothing to do with corruption in Qatar.” Panziri and former Vice President of Eurochamber KayleeFound the Belgian police More than one and a half million euros Cash. Belgian police have released pictures of material seized during the searches, which show wads of banknotes 50, 20, 100 euros. The count must also include money hidden in the suitcase by the father of the former Eurochamber vice president, who was allegedly caught leaving a luxury hotel, with A cart containing €600,000 in 50 € notes. And the arrest of the man “red-handed” allowed investigators Search Vice President Kylie’s home, without having to respect her parliamentary immunity. According to what the Belgian Federal Prosecutor claims, the former Eurochamber vice-president has been transferred in the past few hours to Harin prison, in the northeastern suburbs of Brussels, not far from Zaventem International Airport. The prosecutor has questioned this beforeDealingHowever, he did not want to confirm whether Antonio Panzieri, Francesco Giorgi, E Nicolo Vega TalamancaThe other three who were arrested are in the same structure.

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As mentioned beforeDealingone of the first interrogations conducted in recent days by the Central Bureau for the Suppression of Corruption in Belgium, one of the four accused in the alleged Qatargate case, spoke at length with Belgian prosecutors. According to what Corriere della SeraGeorgie would talk “for hours” with the judges, to the point where the magistrate Michael Cleese He had to postpone further interrogations to collect all his statements. And his words can confirm, if not expand, what Belgian investigators have already discovered in months and months of undercover investigations. In the first interrogations with four people who were arrested on behalf of the Qatargate company, according to what the newspaper reported echoThe name of the Socialist European Parliament member will also appear Mark Tarabella. He is not under investigation, but his name would have been mentioned by two people, one of the four accused. He told the Belgian newspaper Trabella that he had “absolutely nothing to hide”.

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