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It has never been hot above 70°N in Europe; On Monday 5 July, +34.3 °C was reached at Laxelve Banak in Norway, breaking the previous record of +33 °C set in July 2018; Then the value is only 1.3 °C from Norway’s June 1970 absolute national record (35.6 °C in Nisbein). Temperature record in Finland with +33.6 ° C in Kivu. The highest temperature ever measured in Swedish Lapland was 36.9°C in July 1945 but at 66°N latitude. There are several locations outside the Arctic Circle that exceed +30°C.

So Scandinavian countries are still on paper this summer when the heat prevails. After a very hot June, July also begins with temperatures well above average. This is due to the block formation with anti-vortex rallies often tilting against northern Europe, a situation that appears to want to continue in the coming weeks.

The other side of the lock configuration is a fileAnd heavy rainfall in the Black Sea region. The Russian city of Sochi on the border with Georgia is particularly interested; The alluvial rains caused numerous floods.

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