Climate crisis, record temperatures in Europe on Halloween: in France 33 degrees in Lyon, 32 degrees in Spain.  And new peaks also in Sweden

climate crisis Across Europe to the All Saints Bridge. The heat that had been affecting the entire continent for days would only begin to weaken from November 3 onwards. Meanwhile, temperatures continue to rise: in FranceThe temperature in Lyon was 33 degrees. in Spain In Ciudad Real at 32. New peaks also in Belgium, in Brussels, where the record temperature was recorded 25 degrees. in Germany It stops at 26.6 degrees in Aue, where the season record is set. The climate emergency has also arrived Sweden: The thermometer is 19.5 degrees in Kristianstad, in the south of the country. It’s about the temperature Highest recording ever At this time of year. Weather in October, according to meteorology Eric Hoggard Olsen, In general, it was a few degrees warmer than usual in Sweden.

The climate crisis is also showing itself in Italy. Especially in the south SardiniaWhere it reaches 28 degrees. stable temperature above 26 in Sicily. Particularly high temperatures have also been recorded in the center of the country, with peaks in Lazio reaching 26 degrees. A snapshot of the climate crisis affecting Italy has been returned to Zero heat, that is, from the point at which the thermometer drops to zero degrees due to altitude. The value these days is recorded at 3700 meters: in 2020, the year when temperatures were already above average, the freezing point in November was about 2880 meters. The high temperatures also reached tourist cities such as Cortina d’AmpezzoWhere 20 degrees are expected. A directed by D ilmeteo.itAntonio Sano “Halloween hurricane will be at maximum capacity until early November.”

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according to Federalberghi The Italians took advantage of the climate emergency to spend a few days in the heat. 11 million and 800 thousand Italians, almost 20% of the population, will move from their homes and I will do so above all to go to the seaside resorts. The occupancy rate of hotel facilities is estimated at about 70%: in Rimini, for example, 350 hotels will open compared to 280 per year. On the Romanian coast HostAnd Fiumicino and Fregene are particularly crowded. while in Versilia and in Campania Tourists bathe, meteorologists remember that the climate crisis has caused temperatures to reach across the country 15 degrees above seasonal average.


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