“In Dubai, employees are found because there is no income from citizenship.”  The interview ignores what the UAE is exploiting and angers social networks

“Watch out, we may have a winner among all the current and previous articles on citizenship income.” Thus begins one of the many tweets they comment on an interview Republic To an Italian pizza maker, owner Restaurant in Dubai, where there is an “abundance of personnel” unlike in Italy. He adds, “I think the main difference has to be given credit for on citizenship incomeThe newspaper is thought to give us the address, Someone is not there and tweets “Famous Republic of Dubai”. Unfortunately, there’s not much to laugh about, because the UAE certainly doesn’t shine for its right to work. The country has 80 percent of the population Made up of migrant workers And 90 percent of those are from India and Africa, a situation shared by many Gulf states, at the heart of complaints from many international organisations.

Anyone who has been watching job vacancies in Dubai for years knows that most of them give €200-300 and ask for 12 hours a day, 26 days a month. Events that are reserved in many cases: “The offer has been directed Only for Nepalese, Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani candidates‘, as reported by Observatoriodiritti.it They remember that these are the people who send a large part of their earnings to their families in their home countries. The UAE cannot do without foreign workers, but their work remains linked to an institution Warranty that connects the worker to the employer, so that he can Withholding his passport From the moment of arrival as well as specifying working hours and conditions of stay. If someone has had enough and is considering leaving, it is best to know that their employer can report it and that there is a risk of fines, imprisonment and expulsion. It will not be the staff of Belcanto, the award-winning pizza chef interviewed by Repubblica, located in front of the “Burj Khalifa at the prestigious Dubai Opera Theatre”. But in the tourism sector as in the construction sector, for example, the testimonies collected leave no room for doubt.

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International Charitable Association for Human Rights and Labor Equidem I listened to the testimonies of the workers who contributed in the Emirates to the construction of the high-rise towers that made the famous luxury capitals such as Abu Dhabi And Dubai. in MarchExpoThe show was announced by Emiratis as “the next wave of human genius”. On the other hand, for the sake of dignity, we have to wait. Most workers reported unpaid overtime, deferred wages, Inability to provide basic needs. In almost all cases, respondents confirmed that the employer had a passport. In addition, enterprise reports have been verified Labor law violations For the emirate, starting with security. There is no point in looking for a union for confirmation, because there is no union. These conditions are also present in Kingdom Saudi ArabiaThe Land of the Second “New Renaissance” Matthew Renzias in the host country of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the Qatar.

Back in Italy, aIstat It just released new employment data, down to 8.6%, with 120,000 more workers than the fourth quarter of 2021 and 905,000 more than a year earlier. The main increase relates mainly to temporary employees (+ 16.3%), but also employees with permanent contracts (+ 2.6%). As for the labor shortage that some sectors are complaining about, The data has been proven wrong over and over again Thesis of those who believe in it “The income of citizenship competes with us,” declared Confindustria President Carlo Bonomi. And if in Italy it happens that the demand and supply of work are not met, there are other reasons. To put it in another Article of the Republic, “the mismatch between the qualifications required and the qualifications he possessed, the low wages, the poor working conditions, the geographical distance between the supply and demand of jobs. But since the determination of citizenship income, this was the main reason.” Just remember

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