COVID will never go away - it's time

“Non-purge propaganda lies in many non-advertisers.” David Barenzo, presenter of In Onda on La 7 with Concita De Gregorio, gives the interview with virologist Ilaria Capua, from which he asks about the many statements of those who have not been vaccinated and accuses scientists of not anticipating the third dose of the vaccine and the fourth wave of the pandemic: ” The scientific establishment moves – says the director of the One Health Center of Excellence at the University of Florida – by trial and error. We know many things, but we also don’t know many things. It is also necessary to know how to communicate that we do not know certain things. But it must also be said that some The things the taboos say are not true. Certain things are not acceptable. There is a margin of uncertainty for science, but it cannot be taken as a joke that everyone is drawn to. That is why I didn’t want to answer the question before.”

“It is not true – the virologist goes on – that it was not said that successive waves would not come. We knew that the virus could be endemic, which leads precisely to these waves chasing each other with winter. In the third dose we could not tell you, how can we Telling you?Vaccines are sometimes used in one dose, two doses, three doses and sometimes one dose per year depending on the pathogen.We, as a scientific community, have developed a series of vaccines that we have not been able to know the duration of, and we have learned by living.We have seen that – Capua continues – immunity began to break down After a certain number of months and that was to be expected, so you have to give it a hand to pull it off a little bit now that winter is coming in. In the face of so many who have said this virus will go away, I have to repeat to myself that this virus will not go away, we must learn to live with it, We must enter a new mental map in which we know our opponents much more than before, we have the tools of prevention and we must look forward.”

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La Capua concludes the answer with a very sincere plea: “If we remain stuck in the same problems, we cannot look out for our eyes and we cannot seize the opportunities that are available to us.”


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