Algeria: 5.1 magnitude earthquake near Oran, no casualties reported

A magnitude 5.1 earthquake struck near the western Algerian city of Oran on Sunday evening, according to the Center for Astronomy, Astronomy and Geophysical Research (CRAAG). According to Villaya (Prefecture), according to the Civil Defense, none of the victims were injured and the damage was minor. At 8:17 PM (9:17 PM HB), the quake struck 12 km north of Gdyel and 20 km east of Oran, followed by two aftershocks measuring 3.2 and 4 on the Richter scale CRAAG. Following the quake, civilian security forces cracked down on houses in the town of Arsav, 40 km east of Oran. In the aftermath of the quake, Algerian President Abdelmadzit Debon tweeted, “Peace and security” to Oran and its citizens. And ends on July 5th. (Belka)

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