“I take the plane to go shopping.”  She is the one driving it

Ellsworth skillet25 years, He has to fly to go shopping. And fly with it too. the reason? He lives in a remote village in Alaska that bears the same name as: Port Ellsworth. founded by his ancestors, Bab and Mary Ellsworth, who moved there in the 1940s to work the land. And they will not leave from there, not even their children and grandchildren. Porth Ellsworth One of the most remote and isolated population centers in the world: Completely immersed in wild nature, there are no roads connecting it to other cities. It has a population of about 186 people.

Many locals – like Salina – used to take planes to go around the village and go buy prepared food or other basic necessities. The destination of choice for everyone (or almost) is Anchorage, the capital of Alaska, more than 300 kilometers from Port Ellsworth: to get to the city, you need to fly at least an hour, or a little more.

Live in Port Elsworth

“The only shop we have is the gift shop at my family resort. There are no theatres, bars or restaurants. We have two coffee shops, but they are the only ones in town. Winter is a very busy time, we are so far away and all the essentials arrive by plane. the Snow storms and fog are a real problem for us – When there are certain weather conditions, only certain types of aircraft can fly, – says the 25-year-old: ‘A week can go by without supplies getting here.’ He continues: ‘We have a small clinic that provides basic help but If you need surgery, you have to fly».

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Salina’s family has lived in Port Ellsworth for five generations now. they run Lake Clark Resortfrom nameHomonymous lake Village view. It is a refuge that receives hundreds of visitors each year, who are keen on kayaking and hiking among the snowy peaks, forests, and valleys. In short, the kind of landscape that can be admired in Lake Clark Nature Reserve, without which Port Ellsworth probably would not exist: precisely in the tourist seasons, The population of the village grows from 186 to 400 people Almost generating induced vitality. “You can watch moose running around in your garden or bears swimming in the lake,” she says.

The sweet half of Salina

Among all these tourists, Salina also found love: a 23-year-old boy Jared Richardson. According to what the young woman told The Mirror, Richardson arrived in Port Ellsworth as a visitor, staying at the Lake Clark Resort. There he met Salina, with whom he struck up a relationship. After that, Richardson will return to the resort to serve as an administrator Hunting guide. He was going to marry Salina in May 2020 in that small village lost in the mountains.

“I love the simplicity of living here. It can get complicated from time to time: you have to plan supplies in advance, but I love being surrounded by nature,” Salina’s story continues. Although it’s not easy living in Port Ellsworth, She does not imagine her life elsewhere. He wants to stay where he’s always lived. He continues to dedicate himself to the family resort with Jared: “I am so glad I found a man who wants to live here. He is very excited about the Alaskan way of life – we hope to get a plot of land and build our own home soon.”

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