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This week, the flowers were solved by a combination of enchanting weapons, “gold cases” DNA and big data, tango in global mode, the little prince of Brittab. Limited to the home, the “famous thirty” are rarely.

“Damon Alburn, An English Story”, Arte: From Birthpop to Global Chaos

Damon Alburn is undoubtedly a wealthy figure who emerged from the domination of Britain in the mid-1990s, paradoxically praising this Anglocentrism and nostalgia for British greatness, which was to win the Brexit referendum in 2016. Following in the footsteps of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, his London team, Blur, engaged in a ruthless fight against Oasis’ Mankun rivals, brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher. In this “Battle of Brittab” K.-O. By Oasis in 1995. This is undoubtedly the best service done to those who have failed. It would have really allowed Damon Alburn to break away from the stellar system and free himself, multiplying projects like this virtual company-run Gorillas with animated characters and graphic designer Jamie Hewlett, born in reaction to MTV music. Channel.

Within an hour, Adrian Pavilard’s documentary captures this wonderful transformation of a subject. So British As a relentless fighter. Blurred images during its heyday show that Alborn was not satisfied with this success in the wake of Union Jack. The evolution of the musician, from the ecstasy of Cool Britannia, to the Blair years, to the tragic challenges of the Third Millennium, to its aftermath of terrorism, the climate crisis or the Govt-19 epidemic after September 11, 2001. The second solo album was released, Near the fountain, a more pure stream flows, Released in 2021, with thinking beauty. Alburn is part of a line that goes through the Beatles, XTC, Madness or The Human League. Not to forget Ray Davis, the soul of the Kinks, the clear model for writing his history was ascetic, gentle or frustrated with the British social classes. The choice to present him as an artist of his time would be detrimental to his musical influences – the specials are only briefly mentioned by interested parties. “Integrity and Openness”. Bruno Lespride

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“Damon Alburn, An English Story”, Documentary by Adrian Pavilard (France, 2021, 51 minutes). Available on Until July 18th.

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