The “Perfect Dinner” candidate Agustin did not award host Marcos any points.

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This does not happen often with the “perfect dinner”: one of the candidates punished the host without points. Is it unfairly evaluated?

Leipzig – Like every week, five cooking lovers competed against each other in the “Perfect Dinner”. However, Thursday night ended with a harsh verdict. Candidate Agustin gave host Marcus zero points – a rarity on Vox. Marcos served his guests with red cabbage and potatoes. “Here too, everything is homemade,” the chef declared for his main course. “Well, I didn’t raise the beef myself,” he admitted and laughed.

Scandal at “The Perfect Dinner” (VOX): Contestant is awarded zero points

But for Agustin, that was a minus point – or his chance of taking down Marcus? Marcus said the roulades are from his favorite butcher. That means he didn’t quite make it himself, he just filled it up and rolled it. Agustin said in an interview. Agustin continued explaining that he had no trouble buying meat from the butcher and not slaughtering an animal himself. But in his eyes, no This is in line with Marcus’ stated claims of “doing everything himself”.

Candidate Christian, who is seated next to Agustin, can be seen finding the criticism a bit harsh. But not only Christian noticed the harsh judgment. “I think Agustin doesn’t play fair in our group and he doesn’t judge fair either,” candidate Anne said in an interview.

Zero points on “The Perfect Dinner” (VOX): Anne sees through Agustin

And she might be right: because Agustin actually doesn’t give any points. “Marcus didn’t deserve any points because he was talking all the time that he had to do everything himself,” he explained. He also negatively noted that Marcus had stained his pants while cooking and that he had little bread and water for the guests. His conclusion was, “It was a chaotic evening for me.”

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The 37-year-old seemed to be looking at him completely differently from the other guests. They awarded seven, eight and eight points. With a score of 23 points, the host country was in last place. However, Agustin’s behavior did not secure victory. He reached the penultimate position with 28 points. Manuela won this week with a maximum of 40 points on Friday night.

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