VIDEO Vivement Dimanche: Michelle Drucker addresses Jean-Paul Belmondo and invokes a pleasant memory with the actor

This Sunday, May 23rd, Victor Belmondo guest-starred as Michelle Drucker in Viviment Dimanche. An opportunity for the host to greet his friend Jean-Paul Belmondo and remember a happy moment he shared with the actor.

Victor Belmondo today is a well-known actor. Sure, his grandfather’s shadow no longer hangs over his head and it’s time for the young actor to fly. This is the case with the movie Fly me It has been in cinemas since May 19. We can say that the actor does not hesitate to series TV shows and interviews to promote this new movie.Directed by Christophe Baratier. Victor Belmondo clearly doesn’t get away with questions about his grandfather in every interview. On May 19, he returned to his youth with this sacred cinematic watch:I was bottle feeding at the movies: My father, Paul Belmondo, had an amazing DVD collection and we watched a lot of movies as a family. When I was 11-12 years old, I played my father’s son in a short film that was closed. Explanation to Gla.

Strong friendship

This Sunday May 23, The young actor was Michelle Drucker’s guest star Roll on sunday. Chance for the latter to return In the memory he shares with her Jean-Paul Belmondo. In fact, the main host of France 2 asked his band to broadcast an image, Where we can see him with the actor and two of his grandchildren. “I have memories of her with your grandfather. I would like you to comment on this picture.” Victor asks. “I’m in a taxi in New York,” Complete Michelle Drucker, With him, about fifteen years ago. I’ll be participating in one chance group on two chances, with Dillon. Is this your little brother or is this you? “. What does the actor answer: “He’s actually my cousin. It’s Christopher. He’s my American cousinsVictor explains, explaining that his cousin Annabelle Belmondo is now living in France, Michel Drucker Then he took the opportunity to greet Jean-Paul Belmondo : “While your grandfather looks at us, I salute him, I kiss you, I came to see you this week. I was happy to receive your grandson.”. Nice friendship.

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