Booba montre ses grands talents de danseur sur Instagram !

Rapper Bubba reveals his dancing skills on social media and tempts his fans! We will give you more details.

Bubba reveals his talents Dancer on Instagram! MCE TV gives you more details.

Bubba reveals his talents

Rapper Booba fans have discovered a new video of their favorite artist. In fact, it seems that the rapper Very active on social networks lately.

He has also published a new post which has delighted many of his fans. On Instagram, we were able to find outr young artist dancing.

Boba is already there موجود Ambiance on his song Dragon. Then we discovered his talents as a dancer and it must be said about that young man The artist is doing a good job!

“In the face of a lot of dancing, I canceled filming the clip!” The young artist gets stuck in the legend From his Instagram post. Then he added: “#Dragonneverlyparis Dance better than you know and you always know!!! Don’t play fools.”

The rapper’s fans have collectively responded to Post their favorite rappers. In fact, there were more than 91,000 of them to watch his video on the social network.

and comments on His position can be counted in the hundreds! Many criticize that the video is poorly filmed because it moves so much.

“Is the photographer the same as in Orly or what?” “ Laughing at a fan, for example. Others believe that his daughter Luna is being photographed. Finally, many steps fully emphasize the dance steps of their favorite artist. “The dance move is mastered, it’s square!! » One of the subscribers of the social network writes.

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His new single

A few days ago, Booba announced the upcoming release of his new song. In fact, the young artist does not seem Not close to returning the microphone!

While he had announced the end of his career after the release of his album Ultra, he seems to have changed his mind! Thus, fans of the French artist were able to do so Discover his new song, Dragon.

He is also on this himself The track was revealed on Friday, July 16th That young rapper feels the ambiance in his Instagram video. Fans were also there to discover the new song of their favorite star.

Therefore, the title became available since yesterday on music platforms. know that This piece was written by Ludavrik.

If Booba’s flow seems too calm, the lyrics Not less severe! In fact, the Duke of Boulogne used his new song to throw spades at his enemies.

Without much surprise, piece of youth The rapper was a huge success. In fact, his video posted on YouTube received more than 500,000 views in just a few hours.

“This guy is incomparable and irreplaceable in the game. Hacking never ended” A fan of the artist comments under his video. “This guy has been at the top of his game for 25 years. Today, he’s insanely mastering tunes” Add Another fan of the artist.

Suffice it to say that we admire the artist Check out his brand new song. And the United States too!

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