The British singer announces a tour of European stadiums for the next year, during which he will pass through France.

French Ed Sheeran fans can celebrate July 29, 2022 in their diary. The British singer announced, on Friday, that he will perform a concert at the Stade de France that evening, Those tickets will go on sale on September 25th.

Translator shape for you This promotion will be presented as part of a European stadium tour called “+ – = ÷ x Tour” (+And xAnd ÷ And = are the titles of his four albums, the last of which is expected on October 29). He will perform 14 concerts in southern Ireland and the United Kingdom between 28 April and 1 July before performing in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark.

Charity party in Paris in September

This new tour will follow the “Divide Tour,” run between 2017 and 2019, which became the most profitable tour in history: Ed Sheeran raised at least $737.9 million and sold 8.5 million tickets, beating U2 and Tour 360 records. degree since 2011.

This powerful tour was followed by a long break for the singer, who became a father in 2020. He returned to the fore last August with pop music. bad habitsThe harbinger of his next album. In addition, on September 25, he will participate in the Paris “Concert for the Planet”, an initiative ofONG Global Citizen To raise awareness about “climate change, justice in vaccines and famine”.


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