Le nouvel entrepôt de Chullanka compte aussi un comptoir et un showroom.
The new warehouse in Chullanka also contains a bench and a showroom. (© Areej Governorate)

Kom Business Hotel, in Lavelanet (Ariège) Muscle with Inauguration, Friday 1He is October 2021 from New logistics platform from ChulankaSports brand.

“Today we celebrate the culmination of an important logistical and human project,” he stressed. Marc Sanchez, president of the Pays d’Olmes commune community and Mayor of La Villant. Lavelanet and Pays d’Olmes Join the Chullis,” for short, referring to the title given to the followers of the brand.

Four stores in France

The result in question is the desire from last year to launch “A huge project to integrate and absorb” The company’s logistics in Lavelanet.

Extension of the business hotel with an area of ​​​​2400 square meters It was necessary to accommodate Chulanka. It now has its inventory on site, as well as a file Counter To pull orders online that satisfy Ariégois (the brand currently has four stores in France, in Toulouse, Metz, Antibes and Bordeaux). But that’s not all, there is also a file Gallery.

So far, the brand’s logistics has been cut in two with a service provider in Lavelanet for its four French stores and another in the Lyon region for the e-commerce segment. Lavelanet site It employs ten people.

“This large-scale project makes it possible to strengthen the logistics platform of this region by raising it among the most important platforms in Occitanie,” he notes. Kristin Tekwe , President of the Chamber.

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This opening took place in the presence of a distinguished guest, Geoffroy Roux de Pizzo, the main shareholder, who is none other than Chief MedFrench Federation of Employers.

With FranceRelance

The Rehabilitation of the arid Rodier land Strongly supported by the state that supported the project, implemented by the commune community, with €175,000 from the National Fund for Land Planning and Development and with an amount under investigation of €238862 for a Local Investment Support Grant, take the opportunity to remember Areej Province. The FranceRelance plan therefore provides “exceptional support to restore the wastelands of the Olms region”.

created in 2007Chullanka, means “small peak covered with snow” in the Andean dialect. Brand Markets Sports clothing and equipment Especially for hiking, climbing, running and skiing.

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