Jean-Marc Vallee, director of Dallas Buyers Club and Big Little Lies, dies

(CNN) – Renowned film director Jean-Marc Vallee — who directed the 2013 drama “Dallas Buyers Club” — died Sunday near Quebec City, Canada, a person in charge of his production company told CNN. He was 58 years old.

“He was a friend, creative partner, and older brother to me,” said Nathan Ross, partner at Vallée’s Crazyrose Productions, in a statement. “The teacher will be sorely missed, but it is comforting to know that his beautiful style and the influential work he shared with the world will live on.”

The director began working on Canadian short films and music videos, before starting his feature film with the French film “Liste noire”, also known by its English name “Black List”.

His hit movie in the US was “Dallas Buyers Club,” a 2013 movie based on the true story of an AIDS patient who became a distributor of experimental treatments. Although Vallée’s direction was not recognized by the Academy, the film was nominated for Best Picture, while Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto both won Academy Awards for their performances.

Jean-Marc Vallée entered television production in 2017 as Executive Producer of the HBO drama “Big Little Lies”. He also directed the entire first season of the show, winning an Emmy. Later, Vallée was the executive producer of the series “Sharp Objects”, as well as for HBO, and directed all episodes. Vale and Ross signed a new development agreement with HBO in April, according to Delivery time.

Vallée said in a 2019 video for The Hollywood Reporter that he was very careful about choosing which projects he was willing to accept. “Choosing a movie is choosing your lifestyle,” said Valley. “Would you be happy to get up in the morning, do this and live for this?”

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