Borek comes out in defense of Taylor Swift after an argument with Damon Albarn

Gabriel Borek has defended Taylor Swift amid an argument between the American singer and Damon Albarn.

This is after famous musician Blur and Gorillaz indicated in an interview with the Los Angeles Times that Swift does not write her own songs.

“Damon Albarn, I was a fan of you until I saw this. I write all of my songs. Your opinion is completely wrong and very harmful. You don’t have to like my songs, but trying to discredit my writing didn’t have to,” the singer expressed through Twitter account.

unexpected support

And the president-elect was one of those who came out in support of Swift, sending his support through social networks.

“Here in Chile you have a huge following who know you write your own songs from the heart. Don’t take seriously children who need to be insulted or lied to get attention.”

“A hug from the south, Taylor,” Borek concluded.

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