Estrenos: "Wrath of Man" es una película muy sólida y entretenida

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After more than 15 years, Jason Statham and Jay Ritchie are back together in the action thriller “A Man’s Rage,” their fourth collaboration after working together on “Lock”, “Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”, “Snatch” and “Revolver”.

“A Man’s Rage” is a remake of the 2004 French film “Le Convoyeur” (“Money Truck”) and it is a story that works very well.

After an ambush on an armored Fortico Securities truck, the company employs a mysterious employee known as H, played by Jason Statham.

At first, H appears calm and reserved, but after H and his partner Bullet (Holt McCallany) become the target of an attempted robbery, H shows his true skills, an expert archer, eliminating all the armed robbers. But who is H and what does he do at Fortico?

Soon everything starts to take a turn when we find out who he really is and what is going on in that company.

Several brands of director and writer Richie At stake are timelines, flashbacks, familiar and distinctive conversations, and titles. But the banal and comedic tone of many of his films, such as Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, has faded.

Instead, it’s a more realistic and unpleasant story in which Statham uses his skills to commit particularly cruel murders, and of course he does so with style and skill. Yes, there are moments that are funny, but they remain in the background in front of the serious problems that are the reason for the anger of the protagonist.

Wrath of Man’s start turns out to be a paradox, with director Jay Ritchie showing off at his lowest point, and screenwriter, Jay Ritchie, at his extreme indulgence.

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The camera escorts two talkative drivers of an armored truck, capturing what they see through the windshield, and when the men reach a stop, it turns out to be a front for the burglary.

The static grading of thieves punching a hole in the truck and firing gas at drivers is shocking and profound, without any frenzied montage or rash stunt.

At the same time, Richie overreacts to the fastidious dialogue that, unlike any long but enjoyable conversation written by Quentin Tarantino, seems too unnatural and written for his benefit.

Self-conscious bravado continues for twenty minutes. When he introduces Bullet H to the entire truck crew, the wardrobe talk and alpha male pose is so forceful that it’s surprising that none of them pull their pants and pull a measuring stick, even with a woman in between, there’s a lot of testosterone in the air.

In an exchange, when Dave (Josh Hartnett) plays billiards with Dana (Niamh Algar), he tells her, “The goal of the woman is to close her mouth,” reaching the point of being a parody of Guy Ritchie or something closer to David Ayer’s movie. Significantly.

As usual, Richie’s novel is cleverly circular, Change schedules (three months later, five months ago, etc.) to fill in the blanks and move from one set of characters to another before gradually showing their cards. The way the story is organized may seem unnecessarily complicated, and it definitely is, but Richie is quite sure how he wants to tell it.

+ Features

The movie is darker and less comic than many of this director’s previous directors, and this works very well for a lot of its length.

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The first 45 minutes or so is excellent, Since the movie is being presented as a darker and more gentle action movie, but as it progresses, this authenticity seems to disappear and begin to morph into a more general action movie.

Not that it is bad, there are some really good action scenes, but at first they prepared the movie very well and presented it as something refreshing and different, where the freshness progresses and fades away and the movie follows a very proven success. Track.

However, the rest of the story loses that atmosphere as the plot begins to slip through, providing flashbacks and switching between different characters as the puzzles begin to crumble.

+ Heavy

It’s a little tricky to follow, as we get headlines saying “Five months before” and “Three weeks later,” and as we go from one group of characters to the next, the pace slows down a bit.

The rest of the movie is still very exciting and fun, and there are a lot of good action scenes, but it doesn’t quite live up to what we’ve seen yet and has an impressive cast that includes Scott Eastwood and Eddie Marsan, Josh Hartnett, Geoffrey Donovan, and Niamh Algar to keep you hooked as he navigates all of his characters. .

As the body count increases, so does the tension, and the bad guys are all appropriately villains, especially Jan and Holt McCallany’s bullet by Scott Eastwood.

One of the little mistakes in history is the incompetent Dave of Josh Hartnett, it’s hard to understand how he passed the rigorous and demanding exams to become an employee tasked with protecting other people’s money.

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The story unfolds andAs a more general action movie approached, she began to take herself seriously, because the frightening tone that was the beginning of the movie doesn’t hold up to the same degree, but is still there to some extent.

The plot gets a lot more vulgar and there are a lot of things that make no sense, plus the movie is very long, lasting about two hours and looking like it was finally ready for completion.

Wrath of Man is a super powerful and fun movie He settles down and indulges nicely quickly, but as he progresses, he begins to lack the special flair of Guy Ritchie, leaving the finished product as a very noticeable and fun story with good work, but nothing too special.


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