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United State. – Kim kardashian Introduced on October 9 as guest host for Saturday Night Live. As we communicated, the businesswoman took this invitation seriously, and even focused on writing an opening monologue in the most professional manner.

Now it turns out that Kim enlisted the help of the great comedians as soon as she learned of the call. characters like James Corden, Amy Schumer And the famous driver Ellen DeGeneres got into it. The socialite has never lived in acting, let alone associated with comedy. Saturday Night Live It’s a program that has been watched from different parts of the world, so you don’t want to leave room for any errors.

According to American media such as Page Six, it has been rumored since the NBC production that Corden and DeGeneres have been communicating Kim kardashian To give you some tips for improvisation. In return, they helped her create the famous monologue so that it becomes natural, but funny. We know a business woman is a professional in various aspects, but we don’t think much.

Despite all the preparations behind the camera, Kardashian did not show her nerves on the promo site. In it, she was relaxed and enjoyed interacting with her Halsey And Cecily Strong. He even joked how easy it is to be inside Saturday Night LiveKeeping in mind that you don’t have to write any diagram. In addition to characters from the world of comics, the owner of “peeled” She has more people who support her.

Your family members like Kris Jenner Photos have been shared Kim kardashian Announcing your participation in the program. That, along with messages of support on the big night that probably contains audience records, is that it’s not every day that the Kardashians get into comedy.

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