Spider-Man: Via the Spider-Verse The sequel name will be for In the verse of the spiderA tape that tells of adventures Miles Morales And other versions of the spider hero.

The above has already been revealed Simon Corbals – Supervisor of Sony Pictures Imageworks- through his profile LinkedIn.

Corbaux wrote in his account that since December he has been working on the Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse project.

Thousands of users – fans of the character – expressed their happiness with the news, «Spider Man: to me The spiderverse It’s the best animated movie there can beSaid a user calling himself Eduardo Garcia.

After bombing the aftermath of the news, Corbaux decided to dispense with his LinkedIn account.

Loans Spider-Man: via spider verse, He won an Oscar for Best Animated Movie in 2019 and Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Film among others.

The movie depicts a life Miles Morales, a young man with supernatural powers obtained thanks to a spider bite. Hence, he lives a double life between his teenage life and chasing bad guys.

Morales will have support Peter Parker And different spider-men from different character worlds, together they will save humanity.

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