Grand jury accuses Pentagon of leaking mole

(ANSA) — NEW YORK, June 15 — A federal grand jury has indicted Jacques Teixeira, the Pentagon leak whistleblower. The US media reported this, confirming that Teixeira is accused of voluntarily withholding and publishing classified information related to the national defense.

The Pentagon whistleblower was arrested April 13 and is in federal custody after prosecutors presented evidence showing he had access to an arsenal of weapons, as well as the risk of sharing sensitive information with foreign countries.

Joshua S. said: Levy, Massachusetts State Attorney, “The unauthorized removal, retention, and transmission of classified information endangers the security of our country.” “Those granted access to classified information have an obligation to protect it for the security of the United States, our military, our citizens, and our allies,” Levy notes, referring to the obligation to “ensure that all those with sensitive national security information abide by the law” (ANSA).

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