Mozart's brigade in Ukraine, so the foreign legion is challenging Wagner's

The group is run by former Naval Colonel Andrew Melbourne, who arrived in Kyiv after the Russian invasion. The company includes Americans, Lithuanians, British and Poles, who are mainly engaged in training traditional militia.

The Mozart’s Western Volunteers Against Russian Militias from Wagner. This tells the story of a private company founded after the Russian invasion of Ukraine by a former Navy colonel. the hero of the story Andrew Melbourne, was born in Hong Kong, grew up in London and moved to the United States to serve in the ranks of the famed Legion, eventually becoming a colonel. He stayed there for 31 years, and also participated in the campaign to collapse the Islamic State in Iraq: Here, since 2015, a Western task force coordinated, Among the military also took part in its Italian counterpart in Colonel Mochin.

After that experience, he – at least officially – left his uniform in 2019, and found a new flag to fight for: the Ukrainian flag. The Navy moved to Kyiv and one of the many foreigners from International Legion. Ex-soldiers arrived as well as inexperienced people armed only with courage. The authorities, for propaganda reasons, opened the doors, and then opened them ajar, by choosing more carefully, to Rally skilled people and avoid surprises: There is the risk of hackers and the risk of involving inappropriate individuals.

At this point, Melbourne founded Mozart to cover an important aspect: That the training of local forces. Adding to what American, Canadian, Polish and Lithuanian advisors have done since 2015. In numerous interviews, Melbourne explained what the duties of his men aremostly American and British: sniper shooting techniques, disarming improvised devices, tactics, safe movements, first aid.

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former navy He denies any links to Washington and claims his company is funded by private donors: Official discrimination that allows US citizens to hire afterward President Biden He had announced that American soldiers would not be deployed on Ukrainian soil. No shoes on the floor, White House website, but Maybe there are sneakers on the floor, and that’s a light presence: Teams of undercover special forces, possibly CIA paramilitaries, undercover and with documents from other countries.

On the other side of the fence Moscow has already made its moves that involve many elements company Wagnerspecifically born to send units of professionals abroad and connected to the minority Evgeny PrigozhinThe Tsar’s cook who ran the food in the Kremlin. For Putin, they are ordinary citizens who made a personal choice: If they are killed, it is not because the state sent them to die.

Flexible use: Can participate in battles, ensure character safety, and training. Supportive role in friendly countries: What happened in Syria, Mozambique, Libya and Central Africa, in Mali And now in Ukraine, where there will be at least a thousand. Real mercenaries will join themSyria, and perhaps Ethiopia. The numbers are difficult to determine no matter what the cannon fodder.

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