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A wave of resignations at the head of the Ukrainian government. Deputy Head of the Office of the Presidency of Ukraine Kirillo TymoshenkoAnd Four deputy ministers and five regional governors have been removed from their posts in Ukraine following an alleged corruption scandal in the military. While today we have reached the eleventh month since the invasion of Russia. These are the deputy ministers for community affairs and regional development Ivan Lucreu and Viacheslav Negoda; Deputy Minister of Social Policies Vitaly MuzychenkaDeputy Minister of Defense Vyacheslav Shapovalov. According to the representative of the government in parliament, Taras Melnichuk, the governors of the central Dnipropetrovsk region have left their posts Valentin Reznichenko, from the southern district of Zaporizhia Oleksandr Starukh, from the northern district of Soumy Dmytro Zhivytsky, from the southern district of Kherson Yaroslav Yanushevich and from the capital Kyiv Oleksiy Kuluba. In November, Reznichenko was accused in several media outlets of awarding road repair contracts worth tens of millions of euros to a group co-founded by his girlfriend, who works as a fitness instructor. According to press reports, he and his colleagues from the Sumy, Kherson and Zaporizhia regions are under judicial investigation, while Kuleba’s resignation is linked to his upcoming appointment to the presidential administration. Anatoly Ivankevich and Viktor Vezhnov, both deputy heads of the Ukrainian River and Maritime Transport Service, also resigned.

Muzychenko’s resignation was formalized at a cabinet meeting this morning, and Cabinet Secretary Oleg Nemchinov confirmed the news, adding that Oleksiy Sobolev has been appointed deputy economy minister. An official memorandum from the Ministry of Defense states that Shapovalov, the subject of suspicions and accusations of corruption, asked to leave his post so as not to “raise threats to the armed forces after accusations regarding the purchase of catering services.” The ministry’s website states that “Despite the fact that the stated allegations are unfounded, the resignation is a worthy act in the tradition of European politics and democracy, demonstrating that defense interests are paramount to any ministry or presidency.”

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For his part, Tymoshenko said today, explaining that he had asked President Volodymyr Zelensky to relieve him of his duties. A decree accepting his resignation was published on the Presidency website. Yesterday, Zelensky said that some changes will be announced this week in the government, regions and security forces, following allegations of corruption against some politicians. “I thank the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, for the trust and opportunity to do good every day, every minute,” Tymoshenko wrote on Telegram. As for Lucrea, he just announced his resignation via Facebook.

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As for NgodaIn a message he posted on social media, he wrote: “Dear friends! Every important company has its marathon and its team, its beginning and its end. Today I would like to thank all those with whom we overcame obstacles to change/improve life in communities and strengthen the homeland. It was difficult, but we broke the mold, We are convinced because we believe in success. This is not the time and place for accusations.”
Ukraine who resigned.

According to Ukraineska Pravda, At a meeting to be held today, Zelensky’s government will consider dismissing the heads of five regional government departments: Dnepropetrovsk (Valentin Reznichenko), Zaporozhye (Alexander Starukh), Kyiv (Alexei Kuleba), Sumy (Dmitry Zhivitsky) and Kherson (Yaroslav Yanushevich). According to the Ukrainian media, Reznichenko has already asked for his resignation.

The wave of resignations comes after the media revealed alleged inflation in purchases of supplies. Tymoshenko’s name has been embroiled in several scandals related to his alleged personal use of luxury cars, though the CEO has denied the allegations.

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And from Brussels A spokesperson for the EU Commission said: “We have noted resignations underway within the ranks of the Ukrainian government, we do not comment on ongoing investigations but We can say that we are satisfied that the Ukrainian authorities are taking this situation seriously.” “Ukraine has to step up the fight against corruption, especially at higher levels, and this is part of the accession process: the EU, together with its partners, has been supporting Ukraine to strengthen the rule of law for years,” the spokesperson added. “The EU has several levels of scrutiny to make sure its money goes where it needs to go.”

for his part, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commented that a “new slice of the pie” had begun in Ukraine. He added that there was only one piece left of this cake, but “the insatiable vampires keep dividing it.”


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