Gallus sings at La Corregidora and is close to the league

Mexico City.

a Solitary goal of Gonzalo Montes Was enough for Gallus de Queretaro will defeat Santos Laguna 1-0 On Day 14 of Guard1anes Clausura 2021 they will be integrated into the reclassification sites.

The So much so, that he gave the victory to the group led by Hector Pity Altamirano fell after just four minutes After I started sharing. Ecuadorian Antonio Valencia received the ball on the right side, and Angel Sepulveda, who in turn, served it He focused on Gonzalo Montes and the midfielder finished the play with a header Who beat goalkeeper Carlos Acevedo.

The The siege of the local team lasted nearly half an hour of playHowever, queretanos They had to settle for Montes’ goalSince the goalkeeper Acevedo blocked all the balls that went towards his own goal.

In the second half, Although the visit had possession of the ball, it managed to lead to two dangers only in the last ten minutes of the match. Both were rejected by the defenders of the Basel team.

Previously, Referee Fernando Hernandez scored a penalty kick in Gallus’ favor, for Jesus Isegara’s sweep over Jonathan dos Santos.But minutes later he canceled it, because he noticed in Where Izegara stole the ball cleanly.

With getting the three points, Querétaro reached 17 in total and rose to eighth place in the standingsWaiting for what Tijuana and Pachuca do in their parties.

For this part, Despite the defeat, Santos is still fourth in the table with 22 units.Only Puebla could have fired them from this position

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