Are you ready for new adventures? The fact is that January is a great month to visit the cinema. The directors did their best and created real masterpieces. Moreover, many movie franchises have received sequels, so you shouldn’t miss the moment. Here are some great movies to see in January.


Surely you know how talented Jared Leto is. This guy knows how to put on any mask. So this is why you should see Morbius. The fact is that this film is based on a popular comic book. Dr. Morbius is a genius who invents new ways to fight disease. Unfortunately, he is terminally ill and ready for radical action. In pursuit of a cure, he decides on a dangerous experiment with bats, which ends unexpectedly. The disease was defeated, but at what cost? What awaits the brave doctor shortly? Are the new powers a gift or a curse? You should see this movie in cinema theatres, even if you are a student. Tell someone, “Do my homework.” By delegating your assignments, you can enjoy the movie.


You’ve probably seen at least one movie associated with this film franchise. The classic plot with a strange bell has hardly changed. Despite some naivety and predictability of the plot, the trailers look great. Plus, you will surely be delighted to see Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox in new roles. Scream is a new take on horror movies that combines horror and slasher features. You should visit the cinema in January. Even the educational process should not become a barrier between you and this masterpiece. Read the review and delegate some papers to get to the cinema as quickly as possible.

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Deep Water

And here is a great thriller that a lot of people will love. Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck play a married couple in hard times. Marriage no longer makes sense to them, and they found lovers. However, the couple is still trying to preserve the remnants of past emotions. However, they are starting a dangerous game that leads to the death of people around them. What will happen next? How far will their intrigues and actions go? Overall, this movie will scare you no less than a Nerdify review. Get ready to be amazed by the plot twists and interesting logical actions of the main characters.


In a way, Moonfall is a movie about a global catastrophe. The moon is out of orbit and is about to crash into Earth. Our planet is in danger, and we need a plan to save all people. Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson play a duo of astronauts who learn that the moon is not a satellite of the Earth.

Instead, this celestial object is more than a boulder of gravity. That is why the former astronauts decided to figure out how to change the moon’s trajectory and save everyone on the planet. But, of course, such a film will interest everyone who loves science fiction and films about aliens.

The 355

The 355 is very similar to the classic summer action movie. It stars Jessica Chastain, Diane Kruger, Lupita Nyong’o, Penélope Cruz and Bingbing Fan. According to the plot, international agents have joined forces to stop the terrorists. However, a secret organization has created a secret weapon that can harm all of humanity. The fate of the whole world is in the hands of women. If you love watching charismatic female characters, then The 355 is a great action movie for you.

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If you’ve seen the Game of Thrones series, then you probably know how skillfully Peter Dinklage played his character. But this guy is not going to stop there. Cyrano is a drama about a swordsman and a master of polemics who loves a girl but is afraid to confess his feelings to her. In the end, she decides to show favor to another man. This film is very interesting in terms of plot, costumes, and interesting dialogues.

See For Me

Sophie is the main character in the film. The girl is blind and lives in a secluded house. One year, robbers burst into her in the hope of finding a safe with jewelry and other valuable things. Sophie realizes her helplessness and decides to rely on the See For Me mobile app to help blind people benefit from the help of volunteers. Luckily, the girl manages to connect with Kelly, a former military man who is a fan of shooters. To Sophie’s surprise, she is not at all helpless when it comes to self-defense under Kelly’s guidance.

Final Words

As you can see, January is going to be a very interesting month. Many good films will be available to people in cinemas. You just need to choose the best option and not forget about the popcorn. Get ready to enjoy acting, story twists, and advanced visuals.


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