Assembly 2022 |  Long live  Follow the first round in the Southern Alps

Who are the candidates?

In the Hots-Alps

► Pascal Boer (Insemble)

Christine Gamer (The Clover)

Michael Philip (nip)

Fabian Pratali (Zoologist)

Camille Herbert (Stand Up France)

Patricia Hours (wins again)

Roland Scaramosino (Ecology at the Center)

Aulis Recodillet (regionalist)

Eric Charlin (RN)

வின் Kevin Para (LR)

Véronique Buisson (Workers’ Struggle)

யல் Joel Girod (Team)

Sandrine Pesonier (Patriots)

► Remy Rooks (Unlabeled)

Margot Belicier (wins again)

Carol Chavez (LR)

Yann Passereau (zoologist)

Boris Guignard (Labor Struggle)

Louis Albrand (RN)

► Nasturtium Maunel (Knobs)

In the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence

ல் Dolphin Baggery (Knobs)

Lauren Miffred (wins again)

Sylvie Lyons (PS)

Christian Girard (RN)

Romaric Giacomino (Depute la France)

Dominic Blanc (various right)

Nicole von Hisbach (Ecologist)

Annabelle Rose (Open Wrestling)

ன Bruno Botti (Radical Party of Couch)

Pascal Recodillet (Regionalist)

Patricia Roland (Ecologists)

Christoph Gastner (group)

வ் Herv Guerrero (Regionalist)

Marie Ferreira (Union of Democrats and Independents)

Clemens Rosso (Ecologists)

Miriam Catenal (restoration)

Natalie Hugh-Courtin (Ecologists)

Frederick Kesra (Labor Struggle)

Daniel Docs (Sovereignty)

► Aureli Bee (RN)

Laurent Vicente (various far left)

Jean-Luc Soler (various far left)

Theory Begnis (Ecologists)

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