LR candidates denounce Zemmour's lack of

They have found a common enemy. Candidates for the LR nomination for the presidency on Tuesday, during their last televised debate in France 2, criticized the “fever” and lack of “status” of Eric Zemor, who ran in the 2022 race.

“There is a certain fever to declare himself this evening, because the right has turned,” promised Valerie Beckress, criticizing the “provocative man”. “We need seriousness, dignity, respect,” said Michael Barnier, while Philip Juven felt that Eric Jemmore was “hurting the French.” For Xavier Bertrand, the far-right candidate “does not deserve to unite the French.” I will not allow anyone to judge me on the basis of their skin color, religion or name, ”he added.

Only Eric Sioti noted his difference, recognizing “observations shared by many French people.” But the vice president of the Alps-Maritimes said he had “no faith in the clip” and “it is the responsibility of the Republican right wing to provide answers to these fears,” adding that he had already favored Eric Gemmer in the second round. Against Emmanuel Macron.

Single or double five year period

When asked about a symbolic character or place in their view at the beginning of the show, Valerie Begresse chose Joan of Arc as the “Standing Incumbent of France” and Xavier Bertrand Colombே-les-Dux-Ecclesius for “meeting and believing”. “General de Cole represents the village.

Michel Barnier, Mont-Saint-Michel, “Symbol of the Genius of France and Our Christian Roots”, Eric Sioti “inscribed as righteous in the nations of his village Saint-Martin-Vésubie” and his two grandfathers, Philip Joe, as the “social upliftment” of the school.

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The debate, which began with a symbolic postcard, last debate before the congressional nomination of the LR’s presidential candidate, has continued on lesser-discussed topics since the beginning of the campaign: ecology, health, or purchasing power.

Among the companies, Xavier Bertrand and Michael Barnier have said they only have a five-year grace period. “There may be differences between us but nothing can be resolved,” said Michel Barnier, who has repeatedly criticized Valerie Pécresse’s proposals in his “ax group” against purchasing power or bureaucracy compared to Franுவாois Hollande.

Congress this Saturday

In economics, the former Brexit negotiator wanted to “reinvest in strategic companies” with a sovereign fund, while only Xavier Bertrand, who retired at the age of 64 (others prefer 65), took the formula “to work harder to earn”. And “Nicolas Sarkozy. Eric Sioti reiterated his plan to eliminate the hereditary tax.

Candidates put forward their proposals on health and family: the “best family policy” for Michael Bourne, Xavier Bertrand’s home assistance for caregivers in troubled areas, the recruitment of 25,000 additional caregivers for Valerie Beckress, the obligation to spend a year in medicine. Deserts for Philip Juven. Judgment with the nomination of the Congress candidate or candidate at 2:30 pm on Saturday.


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