One of the most earthquake-prone countries returns to the tremor. A violent earthquake hit part of the nation, causing concern among the citizens. Here are the details: size, center, depth.

When the earthquake hits the population, the emotion grows. This is because there have been many in our recent history seismic events that destroyed entire civilizations. Precisely because mankind has been deeply marked by these phenomena, the alert is always very high among the authorities, institutions and citizens. Especially when it comes to one very violent shock As in this case.

This is not the first time that we are talking about earthquake events. Very few parts of the world are excluded from these phenomena that can have devastating effects on the population. This time the earthquake hit one of the highly seismic places, where over time the earthquake caused various inconveniences. The news was reported by the INGV Rome earthquake chamber, where it released details of the event.

According to reports from the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in the capital, Earthquake Hitsouthern Iran in the morning Saturday 25 June 2022. The shock was so strong and deeply felt by the residents who immediately took measures to take cover. But let’s see if there is any harm and the details of the phenomenon.

Earthquake in southern Iran: its strength, center and depth

earthquake hit 5.8 . size From the Richter scale hit the southern waters to Gulf of Iran Early Saturday morning, the southern part of the country. This is as reported by the INGV Rome seismological chamber. The local time when the earthquake occurred was at 7.37 amwhen he was in Italy it was still 5.37.

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The quake was felt as expected due to the extreme intensity across the area. Including the UAE region. In addition, its epicenter was about 50 kilometers away from the city of Bandar LinjahJust the port on the Persian Gulf.

Concerning the geographical coordinates, the institute explained that: The depth was 1 km. While the latitude was 26.6560 and the longitude was 54.2610. There were no immediate reports of injuries among residents or damage to homes. However, the authorities are still monitoring the situation.

The country is prone to earthquakes. Many will remember a few years ago when there was great fear when he was The earthquake in Iran hit the area near the nuclear power plant. That was one of the moments that caused great panic among the residents. Fear that came back to life.

Iran earthquake
Image source: Ingv . screen website


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