Closing Nightmare Before Christmas, 'Super Green Corridor' idea popped up

Review the rules on the green lane, implement stricter measures for non-vaccinators and pay for the third dose. Lockdown nightmare districts insist the pace must change and are asking for a meeting with the government to stop the surge in infections, save Christmas and avoid a yellow, orange or red zone for everyone.

A meeting may arrive as early as Monday, but the Palazzo Chigi streak is unchanged for now. On the table only adhere to the third dose of health workers and reduce the duration of the green certificate, from 12 to 9 months.

For now, Luigi Di Maio asserts that “closing in order not to use a fax machine is not a matter of decision.”

But there is a line that has emerged in recent days from the opinion of some virologists and married by some conservatives. It is the “Super Green Passage” pass valid only for vaccinated and healed people, which must be used to go to restaurants, bars, cinemas, theaters, museums and playgrounds. The current swab, which can also be obtained with the swab, will remain to be able to work and for basic services.

The “second generation” model that Germany is about to adopt and which Austria has already adopted.

It would be useful to avoid seeing the orange zone go off near Christmas, which is the real nightmare for the regions, “concern about the deterioration of the curve and the implications for social activities and economic recovery”, stated conference president Massimiliano Fedriga.

In Sicily, Musumeci tries to escape in order to cover up with local procedures, an obligation to put on a mask and swab outdoors for anyone arriving from Germany and Great Britain.

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I date – The government is slowing down, because the data – compared to last year’s data – speaks for itself. At that time there were 34,282 cases and 753 deaths, and today 10,638 infections and 69 casualties. A year ago, there were 3,670 patients in intensive care and 33,504 hospitalized patients in regular wards, today 503 and 4,088, respectively.

Figures that do not currently impose new lockdowns and advise against heightening tensions with the nearly 7 million people who are not immune. But it is clear, as several government officials have emphasized – from Gilmini to Brunetta – that if stricter measures are required, the unvaccinated will have to suffer more from the vaccine.

Salvini doesn’t think so, as he opposes measures against not using a fax machine because “a swab is the safest means”.

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