Is there any new film planned after the ban?

Kingsman. Can we hope to see Darren Ekerton and Colin Firth in the third Kingsman, after two films and a spin-off in cinema right now? What do we know about the owner’s future.

In 2015, Kingsman: Secret Service revamped the spy movie genre with a pop and comedy film. Starring, produced by Daron Eckerton and both Colin Firth Appeal to critics and the public. A sequel to this has been ordered. Kingsman: The Golden Circle was released in 2017, but after the surprise of the first Opus, opinions on the quality of the series have been divided. However, as Kingsman 3 is planned, it will not compromise the future of “Kingsmen”.

The release date of this Kingsman 3 is unknown at this time. In an interview with, director Matthew Vaughan said filming for the third installment will begin in “September” in 2022. This film marks the end of the Eggsy adventures starring Darren Eckerton in the first two films. . In parallel to this plan, the creation of the British spy agency, along with Ralph Fiennes and Gemma Arderton, released the spin-off of the rights in theaters on December 29, 2021.

Summary The third installment of the Kingsman franchise ends the story of XI (Daron Eckerton), a spy for the British agency.

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