France, Hurricane Zemmour hits the presidential elections and also seduces Jean-Marie Le Pen
from Stefano Montefiore

The anti-Islam columnist is climbing in the opinion polls ahead of next spring’s elections and ditching Marine Le Pen’s national rally. His father, a former right-wing leader, is also ready to support him. And worry about the Elysee

from our reporter
PARIS – It seems that the great revenge of Jean-Marie Le Pen has reached 93 thanks to Eric Zemmour, writer and writer who refers to the Elysee Walking along the paths left by Marine Le Pen with great conviction. For more than 10 years, the MLP has been committed to the normalization of the National Front: the Changed its name to the most ecumenical national assembly, distanced him from his nostalgic past for Vichy and French Algeria, cut ties with founding father Jean-Marie, treated his parents as an embarrassed old man and sought respect. The result: Marine Le Pen won’t win, says Zemmour. And I am ready to support Eric Zemmour if he is in a better position than Marine, now adds Jean-Marie with great satisfaction.

Because unlike Marine Le Pen, Eric Zemmour cares some respectAs he repeated yesterday at the end of his speech at night. In fact, he considers it a weakness for politically fit slaves, a category that now includes any thought other than his own. Full confidence that Zamour alternates on quotes from history to propositions like commitment To call Jack and not Mohamed who was born in France These days, he assures him of unprecedented popular and media attention. I like and more than Macron’s candidate in 2016-2017, but on the far right.

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Sixty-three years old, married to attorney Milene تشيechbortich (but Paris Match Put him on the cover as he hugs his 28-year-old campaign manager Sarah Knavu), three children. Certainly convicted in 2011 for inciting racial discrimination – He said employers have the right to reject black or Arab candidates, given that the majority of traffickers are black or Arab – implicated in fifteen other files against him (including first-degree convictions and acquittals on appeal) with an open appeal to the Strasbourg court to issue rulings against Islam. Accused of sexual assault and misogyny – Strength attracts women, lies in their old brain, I have never met a woman as smart as me -, Defender of France de Gaulle but also of Vichy Who, according to him, protected French Jews by handing over foreigners only to the Nazis (completely fake news, according to historian Laurent Joly), Eric Zemmour was the star of the moment in France. President Macron aside, other politicians at this point seem almost invisible, and they don’t count. Or they only care about how they interact with Zemmour.

Still not officially a candidate for the presidential elections Next spring, however, the latest Ipsos/Le Parisien poll gives it an almost equal advantage (15%) with the stunning Marine Le Pen (16%), and indeed In front of all candidates has a respectable right, in fact (Xavier Bertrand, Valrie Pcresse, Michel Barnier). Only President Macron, with a 25% lead, appears calm. But Zemmour’s progress is so stunning that it is now causing some concern even at the Elysee. Yesterday, Minister of Health Olivier Fran said Zeymour is an adventurer of racism, it is not enough to mention Talleyrand to be a statesman.

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Zemmour’s latest book was at the top of the charts before it was even released, show tour uses the title France Didn’t Say the Last Word as an election slogan, rather than bookstores Zemmour fills the halls with thousands of seats, and around you you can see rather annoying posters with a huge Z, posted by the support committee calling this as the only salvation for France. Zemmour always seems to be in control of the situation, strong in his unwavering convictions. There is nothing wrong, at all, not even in 2020, at the Hotel Bristol in Paris, having dinner with Jean-Marie Le Pen and Ursula Penvein, born von Ribbentrop, the daughter of the Foreign Minister of the Third Reich executed in 1946 in Nuremberg, who according to the scientist
Today, he sends thoughts of admiration and friendship to Zemmour. Bubble beeps can be deflatedOf course, as it happened in far times with Edouard Balladur or Jean-Pierre Chevenment. or grow againAs happened in America with Trump. Jean-Marie Le Pen, in an interview with the scientistHe looks confident and lively, as in the old days: the only difference between me and Eric is that he’s a Jew. It is difficult to call him a Nazi or a fascist. This gives him more freedom.

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