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(ANSA) – ROME April 12 – Serbia, the only country in Europe that has refused to impose sanctions on Russia for invading Ukraine, has agreed to send weapons to Kiev and is already going to send them: that’s what some said Top secret Pentagon documents leaked in the days revealed The latter, according to what Reuters wrote on its website. The document, he wrote to Reuters — also reported by Ukrainska Pravda — is a country-by-country list of responses, which include 38 European countries, to Ukraine’s request for “lethal weapons” and training.

Serbian Defense Minister Milos Vucevic today denied the classified Pentagon Papers leaked online stating that Serbia has sold or intends to sell weapons to Ukraine. The minister spoke, in the words of the media, about repeating the “lies” circulating with the aim of “destabilizing our country and involving it in a conflict in which we do not intend to participate.” “We’ve debunked these lies more than a dozen times, and now we’re doing it again.

Vucevic said Serbia has not sold weapons and does not intend to sell them to Ukraine or Russia, nor to countries close to the conflict zone. The minister added that Serbia normally sells weapons to third countries that are far from the combat zone and have nothing to do with it. “There is always the possibility that some weapons could end up in some way in conflict territory, but this has absolutely nothing to do with Serbia. These are countries that do not comply with international standards and contractual clauses. I repeat, Serbia has not sent any weapons to Ukraine and all that has been revealed is false speculation. “.

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