The father ran away with her after 10 days, leaving his wife and children behind

There are those who cannot resist the charms of Ukrainian refugees. as it happened in Great Britainexactly in Bradford (West York) where the father left his wife and children for asylum Ukraine who only moved home ten days ago. His name is Tony Janet, 29, and he leaves Lorona, 28, after falling in love with her. Sophia karkademwho fled from the horrors of her hometown, Lviv, at the beginning of the invasion.

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‘I’ve never had it before’

Security guard Tony initially signed up for the government’s resettlement program last month but got impatient and sought help on social media. He became a guarantor of Sophia and a little after his arrival he left his partner and children for a new life. He told The Sun: ‘It all started with a simple desire to do the right thing and put a roof over the head of someone who needed it, man or woman. The situation deteriorated last Saturday when My wife was angry with SophiaThe screaming in her face and harsh language left her crying. He said that he could no longer feel that he could stay under our roof and that something inside me was crackling.” He then added, “We are sorry for the pain we caused, but I discovered a relationship with Sophia that I had not found before.”

The time the two spent together

Tony and Sophia fall in love instantly. “He told The Sun. How do they understand each other? I speak a bit of Slovak and it’s no different from Ukrainian, so I managed to get her to understand me in her own language. A worker made his wife jealous. “hIt made things worse because Lorna didn’t know what we were talking about. Sophia and I sat and chatted and drank and watched TV with Ukrainian subtitles, sometimes after Lorna had gone to bed. We got along brilliantly, but at the time it was just that, although I can understand why Lorna was starting to get jealous and resentful towards her..

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Who is a Ukrainian refugee?

Her name is Sophia and she is 22 years old. “These are things that happen,” he told The Sun. Lorna, Tony’s now ex-partner, is tired of the direct bond that is created with Sophia: The two of them went to the gym together and sat talking in the parking lot for hours. She finally ordered the guest to leave, but was surprised when Tony announced that he was leaving too. Now Tony and Sophia are trying to find a new home together. Latest updates show that more than 33,000 Ukrainian refugees are now in the UK, sponsored by families, with 68,700 visas issued out of 84,000 applications.

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