The Mexican President, who was seen during the railway works, posts the photos and unleashes on social media

The photo shoot, which immortalizes what appears to be a mysterious-looking animal with glow-in-the-dark eyes atop a tree, sparked a flood of comments and responses.

“I am sharing two photos from our Construction Department of the Mayan Railway: one of them, taken by an engineer three days ago, appears to be alox mole, The other is a fine pre-Hispanic sculpture at Ek Palam. It’s very mystical.”so Mexican President Obrador He unleashed on social media by posting a photo shoot which, he says, may have immortalized a legendary Mayan figure, Alox, one Mythical forest spirit in Mayan cultureElf-like.

The photographic shot, which immortalizes in the dark what appears to be a fuzzy-looking animal with glowing eyes above a tree, has been shot. Tons of comments and responses Among the more than nine million followers of the President of Mexico’s social Twitter profile, most are sarcasm and sarcasm. Among the many comments mocking the tweet of 69-year-old Andres Manuel López Obrador about the nature of this immortal animal in the photo, however, there are also some that go further and completely deny the story of the Mexican president.

In fact, many have actually pointed it out This photo is not from a few days at allAs Obrador instead wrote in the post published Saturday evening, it is not recent since it has already been circulating since 2021 that it has appeared in newspaper articles. “Yes, Andres, an engineer three days ago took a picture that was shot in Nuevo León since February 2021 and in Thailand since December of that year. You are sad, very sad… And the country is more… If you think it is, you are stupid… If you know you’re lying, you’re malicious” Here’s the user hit, complete with screenshots of old newspapers with the same image.

As for the mysterious figure in the shot, many have said they think so “Elf” is actually a gibbon or langur, Primates and both are tree-like in shape. For some, it may have been a clumsy, failed attempt by Obrador or his aides to mitigate criticism from environmentalists and community representatives over Maya Railway Project. A massive action that will cross five states over 1,500 km, many of which are located in the middle of the Yucatan jungle. . Construction began in June 2020 and is expected to be completed by 2024. The Mexican government says it will help develop tourism, but its construction will They are destroying thousands of Mayan sites.


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