vs. Historian Patrick Vieira, Crystal Palace coach, positive for COVID-19

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December 26 11:07

The French Crystal Palace coach, Patrick Vieira, has tested positive for the Covid-19 virus and will not be able to sit on the bench for his team in the match against Tottenham Hotspur, this Sunday at 12:00 pm, they announced ‘The Eagles’.

And the palace specified that his deputy, Ossian Robert, will lead the team from the bench against Tottenham in the duel that will be held in London.

The dispute over this derby of the British capital corresponding to the nineteenth date was in doubt, according to the local press, but the English Premier League rejected a request made by the Palace to postpone the match set for “Boxing Day”, the date it questioned. One day after Christmas and that means a tradition as old as the English Championship itself.

Aston Villa announced on Saturday that coach Steven Gerrard has tested positive and will not lead the team against Chelsea on Sunday or Leeds on Tuesday.


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Paraguay football

December 26 10:37

Olympia president, Miguel Cardona, has allowed himself to be possessed in the Christmas spirit and left a somewhat optimistic message for all fans, in the midst of a difficult financial moment the club is going through.

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“Merry Christmas, Olympic family! Let’s dream away, enjoy this day, celebrate as it makes us special. Together we make Club Olympia so much better every day. Take care of yourself!” , reads the text of the King’s Head: Copas” on Twitter.

The letter was accompanied by a flyer striped on her shield that said, among other things: “Let’s all enjoy together while we wait for 2022 surrounded by the foundation’s sporting successes.”

Cardona, who decided to get a hot iron like Olympia, due to the difficult financial crisis he was going through, started off in the best way. He has already won two titles (the Paraguayan Cup and the Super Cup) in a few days of his presidency.


Paraguay football

December 26 10:06

The Paraguayan National Team and River Plate player, Robert Rojas, who made his debut with the Guaraní jersey, said the crazy way he lived the definition of the 2021 Clausura Championship, as the legendary ended up losing the title to Cerro. Porteño in an incredible way.

“Anina chemomandu’a legalmente. Aipota kuri Guaraní osẽ campeón, haimete amopẽ Beto Rohsha dry happy focus chair. Oimene ojejapo payé mba’e Guaraníre, he said in an interview with Radio VERSUS at 970 am.

In Spanish, it would be: “Don’t make me legally remember. I wanted the Guaraní to be a hero, and I almost broke a chair while we were watching the game in focus. Sure enough some magic was done to the Guarani.”

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Sicario admitted that his desire to see the Cacique champ was not only because he started at the club, but especially because of the friends within him.

“I wanted guaraní I was a hero to my teammates, to José Florentin and others, but that just wasn’t possible. This time, he replied, laughing.

However, Concepcionero believes that the Legend is well armed and that a new title will arrive soon.

“Anytime Guarani He will be a champion again, there is a good team.”



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