The story of Louis Lawson

This May 28th, we celebrate Hamburger Day to commemorate one of the most popular dishes in the world, And the staple of popular American fast food. It has come up with a series of ads by restaurant chains A bit of history, how to remember who created this simple, but desired dish.

Do you know this or have you ever heard of where it comes from? Here we tell you The history of making hamburger, a dish, no doubt, makes it hard to find someone who has not tried it Or dislike.

Who invented the burger?

The name is derived from the port city of Hamburg in northern Germany. According to AFP, Came to the cutting port New Jersey in the late 19th century, Cheap and fast alternative.

However, creating what we know today as ground beef cooked between two loaves is a controversy over who the original creator was, but One of the most established editions, precisely Louis Laussen, a German immigrant to the United States, created the first hamburger in history in New Haven, Connecticut.

According to the historian Via Owen Rogers Organization History of Connecticut, It was inside 1900 When Louis Lawson created the first hamburger, it was “fast and tasty” according to a customer’s urgent request.“That’s why he first used the ingredients used for a meat-filled sandwich to make a burger.

Lawson’s history in food has its origins 1895, When He opened a food trailer on the lawn in New Haven to serve factory workers. In 1907 he installed his trailer next to a tannery, and his success would lead to the purchase of property to establish his business: Louise’s lunch.

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In the 1960s, redesign of New Haven led authorities to create a hospital on campus, and so on Louise’s lunch Had to be moved to Crown Street, The restaurant retains the original recipe of the Louis and Lawson family to this day.

There are authorizing persons Fletcher Davis, from Athens, Texas, invented the hamburger. There are places like Hamburg, New York and Seymour, Wisconsin, Who fight the origin of the dish. The truth is, who the creator is, you can’t imagine how popular his food has become, until he becomes an American pride and a master of its culture.

Led to the creation of this popular dish During the castle The first string in 1929 Restaurants Hamburgers; Then others will come like that McDonald’s In 1940 o Burger King In 1954, the rest is a story we already know, we live.

¿What is your favorite type of hamburger? Of course each recipe tells a different story to tell. We leave you a video to let you know how it is Louise’s lunch Nowadays.



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