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As we all know, Portugal is bathed in the mighty waters of the Atlantic Ocean, which is why it is often difficult to think of the possibility of heavenly beaches where children can swim. The good news is that the Lusitanian country is full of them, but it is interesting to know that just a few minutes (by train) from its magnificent capital, Lisbon, is a lively place where the beaches are truly magical: Cascais.

Cascais: What are you doing

CascaisAt a very distant time, it was an old fishing village. Today, however, it is a popular seaside resort and also one of the most important tourist centers in the Lisbon area.

It overlooks the endless Atlantic Ocean and features stately buildings with exotic architecture. Trendy restaurants and little squares resembling wedding favors give way to beautiful beaches that come alive among the golden rocks for relaxing.

Located only 30 km from Lisbon, it was once a summer retreat for the Portuguese kings, so much so that even today it has managed to maintain its noble and refined character.

What to see in Cascais

Cascais It presents a historical center that we can define as a gem. The main street is called Rua da Raita and is a series of small shops and stalls of various kinds, including some hand-embroidered linen shops. Among the attractions not to be missed Largo Luiz de Camoes Which turns into a meeting place for young people at night thanks to the presence of many exclusive bars and clubs.

However, the most exclusive area is without a doubt Praça 5 de Outubro It is where the stately Paços do Conselho (Palace of the Council) boasts, as well as many other prestigious buildings.

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History and architecture buffs should not miss it Castro Guimarães Museum It is housed in a historic residence with pseudo-Gothic features decorated at the same time with classic Portuguese elements mixed with arches and decorative motifs in an Arabic style.

A few steps from here, attention is drawn to Cascais Marina Where many boats marry, which in turn protect them Santa Marta Villa Where you can enjoy the local museum, but also the unmistakable poetic museum Cascais lighthouse.

Street art lovers will find something for their teeth Torrey districtIt is a residential neighborhood decorated almost entirely by the hands of many artists.

Finally, Boca do Inferno, perhaps the most famous attraction in all of Cascais, which has the distinction of being an extraordinary chasm that opens up between limestone rocks in a truly spectacular way. The ideal moment to reach it is the moment of sunset.

Beaches and the sea of ​​Cascais

Walking along the elegant Cascais promenade, it is possible to reach beaches that really take your breath away. The first one we recommend is Praia da Rainha, One corner of the city is so suggestive that it was once the private property of Queen Dona Amelia. This strip of sand emerges between two small rocky cliffs and above all is a stone’s throw from the historic city centre.

It’s really tasty too Ribera Beach, It can also be reached on foot. It is a strip of land overlooking the old port and leaves a more breathable feeling as it is wider than the previous beach.

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Then again Praia da Santa MartaA more intimate and secluded cove. Those who prefer comfort can instead reach (always on foot) the Alberto Romano Oceanic Pool which, in addition to being private, has the advantage of being a rocky part in which a real pool has appeared.

in the end Praia das Muitas, Less crowded than the others but still full of fresh and clear water.

Cascais It is a true Portuguese pearl in which you dedicate yourself to history but also to the sea that you deserve.


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