Dear billers, 65 points for saving consumption: here is the vademecum from Argentina

In this period of severe imbalances and serious international tensions, the problem of a high bill is a common issue in many countries. Argentina also seems to be dealing with this situationToday, El Clarin published its 65-point Vademecum to help consumers save water, electricity and gas use where possible.

From the more straightforward aspects, how to instantly fix a drip-tub and turn off the tap while you’re soaping, to more specific tips like choosing soap instead of shower gel and always turning off the water while you’re soaping your hair or brushing your teeth. Partially fill the bathtub On average, 150 liters of water are consumed compared to 100 liters in the case of a 10-minute shower.

In terms of electricity consumption, the consultants noted that many keep their TV running several hours a day even as a backdrop to their daily activities and have identified 6 hours of consuming a 32′ to 50′ LED TV. With 13.50 kWh. Per month.

Still regarding the use of electricity, for those who ask whether it is better to charge and use devices disconnected with the battery of devices or use them connected to an electrical outlet, experts answer that it is advisable to always use them at 80% so as not to damage the devices.

However, there are many situations in which depreciation can be saved with a little attention.


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