“Air strikes against the Houthis.”  Plan to “liberate” the Red Sea

In the wake of the 23rd Houthi attack on a commercial ship in The Red Sea,Hypothesis Aescalation It became more bearable. A source within the British government told… times The British Army prepares a series of Air attacks Against Yemeni rebel sites in coordination with United State And another European country.

The plan will include launching a barrage of missiles Missiles Against targets at sea and in territories controlled by pro-Iranian militias Raff (Royal Air Force), possibly including Typhoon aircraft based at Akrotiri base in Cyprus, or a destroyer HMS Diamondthat shot down a rebel drone in December. The British government is expected to issue a joint statement with Washington before authorizing the operation, asking the Yemeni fighters to stop their attacks or prepare to confront Western military force. Defense Secretary Grant Shapps has already stated that “If the Houthis continue to threaten human life and trade, we will have to accept that Necessary measures And suitable“Eight of the 20 ships attacked by the rebels in the 30 days before Christmas were registered in the United Kingdom, had British citizens on board or were carrying goods destined for the island nation, according to the source heard from. times This would excite some He worries In government, in cooperation withFeeling like something needs to be done“.

Tom Sharp, a former commander in the Royal Navy, said the Houthis would have the ability to strike many ships in the Red Sea, effectively rendering the US-led task force powerless. “If they try, we will ladenThe man admitted, also stressing that it would not be in their interest to provoke a widespread reaction from Washington. “For them, it is much better to keep the situation below a certain threshold and Drain slowly Our resources“This position also reinforces the group’s goals. According to Thomas Juneau, a professor at the University of Ottawa’s General School of International Affairs, the Houthis internally aim to increase supports of the population towards them, taking advantage of pro-Palestinian sentiment, while at the same time aiming to play a role Regional power A key member of the “Resistance Axis” that supports himIran.

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Therefore, there is a possibility that in the coming days the Red Sea will become a new front in the conflict between Israel and Hamas. However, the West has not completely abandoned its reservations about acting directly against the Houthis. In fact, on Sunday, December 31, the British government spokeswoman announced that preparations are underway.Plan for many Different scenariosThe diplomatic option has not yet been eliminated, despite its comprehensiveness Ineffectiveness.


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