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After introducing the ability to specify who can reply to a tweet, Twitter is working on a solution to address the distress of users who often find themselves called to witnesses by mentioning them in tweets that don’t really matter to them.

The social network is currently working on an “unmention” function that will eventually allow you to leave a conversation in which you have been tagged. It was Dominic Camusi, a Twitter privacy officer, who unveiled this project in a tweet posted on the platform.

If at the moment the functionality exists only in a comprehensible form, it can be combined very soon to allow you to withdraw unwanted mentions and thus not receive any further notification with each new message posted in the conversation. where you are mentioned.

This “Unmention” function will also allow you to remain discreet because the person who mentioned you will not be notified of your departure. Twitter can take this a step further by preventing people from mentioning you again after you’ve left the conversation they mentioned you in.

This new functionality could become a powerful tool against cyberbullying, but there is no indication, at the moment, whether it will be available to all users of the platform, or if it is only for subscribers of Twitter Blue, the paid Twitter variant.

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Source : 9to5Mac


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