Dipper Elizabeth II away from the opening of the statue of Lady Diana

This is his last day in Scotland. Queen Elizabeth II and her daughter Princess Anne, 70, will spend their last moments in Scotland before next year. On Thursday July 1, the 95-year-old King drove to the Edinburgh Climate Change Institute in a hybrid car! She also met two young women representatives of the Children’s Parliament (Children’s Parliament in French) A Scottish organization that has been around since 1996 and aims to help young people and protect their rights.

Queen Elizabeth II and her daughter, Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh since 2011, received two trees as a welcome gift from the Society. From the official Twitter account of the British royal family. These two trees will be planted for the Queen’s Jubilee, an event that celebrates her accession to the throne in June 2022.

Princess Anne and her mother who were accompanied by Peter Matheson, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh, have discovered a device from the future that converts wave energy into electricity!
They attended a demonstration and the Queen seemed very optimistic about this new technology.

To wrap up this Holyrood Week, the week the Queen dedicates each year to Scotland, Prince Charles’ mother unveiled a plaque in the gardens of the Climate Change Institute.

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