Tour de France: A truck blocks the road for a few minutes

Pew. The eighth phase, especially if started well with the attack of the bogeyman, should not be distracted or stopped. The Cochrane truck, one of the official supporters of the Tour de France, was blocked at 2:35 pm after blocking the road after being trapped by a narrow road during the ascent of the C டிte d’Ivoire-Saxonex. The runners were still thirty kilometers away.

Followers were alerted at 2:13 p.m., via a tweet from the Israel Start-up Nation Group. Be warned by their osteopathy and stuck in the back of the truck, Chris Froomen’s early on in the final climb of the Col de la Columbia at the beginning of the training found this incident and misled everyone. It was actually 99 kilometers at 150.8 on the show that day.

Very soon, let the organizers know that the situation will be destroyed by the intervention of the genders in that place. In fact, a few minutes later, Yannis, a 15-year-old who dreams of becoming a sports journalist according to his life, posted a message on Twitter stating that he was at the top of the C டிte d’Ivoire-Saxonnex (classified in Section 1) and came to see the truck in question. He went with his testimony with the video of the Cochrane truck going to public applause.

It remains to be seen why this type of truck ended up on such narrow roads, and to avoid this kind of problem the organizers diverted the advertising caravan going ahead of the race.

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