Triple Olympics Wins Bronze Medal in Tokyo 2020

Mexico has another Olympic metal. (photo: private)

Tokyo, Japan. Mexico has another Olympic metal. Tricolor took the 73rd medal in history and second in men’s soccer. Jaime Lozano could be seated at the same table as Luis Fernando Tina. Jimmy and El Flacco are the only technicians who managed to climb to the podium, the difference being that Tina won the gold in London 2012, while Lozano had to settle for the bronze.

According to This Online, the tone of the metal is important, however, what the Mexican delegation needed was to add another medal as it was. Football did it.

Mexico signed its second best participation in history during 12 Olympic Games. The only times the tricolor climbed on the podium were in London and Tokyo. The rest of the Mexican collectibles are not outstanding.

The Aztecs got stuck seven times in the first stage. Mexico had short appearances in Amsterdam 1928, London 1948, Tokyo 1964, Montreal 1976, Barcelona 1992, Athens 2004 and Rio de Janeiro 2016. In Mexico, the Aztecs in 1968 reached the semi-finals and lost third place to Japan, while in Atlanta 1996 they agreed On the second stage, but Nigeria left them far from the medals.

Tokyo 2020 was different. Jimmy endowed the group with talent, chose the appropriate reinforcements and after two and a half years of work the reward arrived.

Mexico did not have the favorite sign, however, the three-colored from the first group came out alive after beating France 4-1, losing to Japan 2-1 and beating South Africa 3-0.

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Crosses led the Greens to face South Korea in the quarter-finals. The Aztec team made one of their best releases and crushed the Asian Tigers 6-3. The next competitor was Brazil. La Verdemarilla was a favorite for the gold medal, but Mexico didn’t make it easy for them. Tricolor extended the match until the penalty shootout. In that case, the fortune wasn’t on the Mexican side and he had to content himself with a fight for third place.
Mexico outperformed Japan and snatched the medal at home.


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