Latest news of Ukraine.  Renault: 1.6 billion losses six months after leaving Russia


Kyiv and the Russians are using Ukrainian uniforms to mislead our army. Russian bombs bombed the center of Kharkiv school. JB Intelligence, Wagner’s forces are in the forefront but they are not decisive

Zelensky: “Ukraine will increase electricity exports to the EU”
  • Minister GB, Russia is a fascist state

    Russia is a fascist state that decided to invade Ukraine. British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace told Sky News that Moscow’s armed forces were “struggling at many points of the front” and unable to achieve the goals set. For this reason, Russian President Vladimir Putin will once again have to change his strategy. “Putin’s Plan A, B, and C has failed, and he could consider Plan D,” Wallace said.

    British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace (Photo by Justin Thales/AFP)

  • Kramatorsk city council attacked with missiles 3 wounded

    “There was a missile attack on Kramatorsk this morning. Civilian houses were damaged in the village of Belink on the outskirts of the city. 3 people were injured.” Report this to the city council on Telegram.

  • JB Intelligence, Wagner mercenaries on the front line in Ukraine

    On the eastern front of the Donbass, in Ukraine, mercenaries of the Wagner Group (PMC), considered employees of the Kremlin, take up combat positions on the front line, compensating for heavy losses and understaffing in the ranks of the Kremlin. Moscow Army: This is what the latest British intelligence report published in the Guardian reads. To date, contractors of the Wagner Group since 2015 have not officially taken on combat roles in the field, and have been relegated to secondary positions. Moreover, the Kremlin has so far denied any direct relationship between the private military and the Russian state, the report states, but this new discovery risks denying it.


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