LREM changes its name to Renaissance

Politics – The Republic wants to be reborn in March, viz. This Thursday, May 5, Stanislas Gurini announced the “resumption” of the presidential movement and its new name: the Renaissance.

“Today we begin the movement to recover the LREM,” En Marche’s general representative announced during a press conference with François Bayrou, Richard Ferrand and Édouard Philippe, with the aim of giving it a “new breath.” It will be a popular party that will “always be open” to “choose enlightenment against ambiguity”.

“Political parties have a business to renew themselves,” otherwise they “become dead stars, and we have some examples of this in today’s society,” he added, an obvious response to the current difficulties of historical parties.

The name “Renaissance” is not entirely new. In the 2019 European elections, it was also the name of the list of the majority of candidates (En Marche, MoDem, Agir, etc.).

Stanislas Gurini said the party would be open to “citizens, elected officials, local elected officials wherever they come from” and “current and future partners of the presidential majority.”

“Together” Federation for Assembly Elections

Representatives of three groups of the presidential majority (Horizons, MoDem, En Marche) have announced that they will unite in a common “coalition” for the so-called “together” assembly elections, with the double key word “unity and pluralism”. “I do not believe in a single movement of a constituency,” he said, supporting Franசois Bairo begging for “restricted pluralism.”

According to Richard Ferrand, the majority will have candidates everywhere, except in “many cases that can only be counted on the fingers of one hand,” that is, in constituencies where “extremists” are “highly injected.”

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The first list of candidates will be released at the end of the afternoon, one second before the coming days. Horizons has 58 candidates, while François Bayrou’s MoDem is between 101 and 110, the AFP learned from sources in both movements before the press conference on Thursday.

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