The world’s loneliest lion, turned into skin and bones in a zoo

Images of a lion reduced to skin and bones and locked in a zoo have spread around the web: it is the loneliest animal in the world.

The lion in the Chinese zoo (Viral Press Reuters) –

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inside Chinese Zoo From Jinniu Lake Safari Park a Nanjing a lion prowling Skin and bone reducer. He is completely alone and has a desperate and sad look. The photos spread around the web, infuriating everyone. It’s an awful situation: cats by name wingin appalling conditions, he is severely malnourished and has no energy even to move.

The rations on the Internet were strong, and users all over the world accused the Chinese zoo of not taking good care of the animal. The reply was not long in coming Zoo officialswho justified themselves by saying that Ala now Very OldAnd with different diseases. He can’t chew food well and digest it with difficulty. Alla is 25 years old.

An elderly lion kept in a zoo in China: lonely and helpless

Poor lion Alaa (Viral Press Reuters) –

Zoo workers showed how to feed and feed the poor lion Small amounts of food And several times a day, because he can’t chew well. Alaa cannot take large mouthfuls and chews slowly. Moreover, as the zoo directors themselves report, veterinarians constantly monitor the health of the animal.

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Of course, looking at the pictures, the reflections that show are plenty. Ala comes out walk In the wee hours of the morning and at dusk, only to stretch out his numb and weak feet, then lie down and doze off the rest of the time.

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This is how the lion spends his days. in complete isolation, given that the Chinese zoo decided, fortunately, not to take any more lions for cages. However, it is impossible not to be moved by the thought of a lonely animal without company. We hope in the good faith of the zoo managers and not in mismanagement or lack of interest in Ala’a.

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Of course, the photos taken by the tourist are heart-wrenching. In 2023 it will be time to permanently close zoos and let the animals go wild in its natural environmentand to exploit these places only to protect endangered animals, which may not be able to be returned to nature, and for the sake of Species conservation.


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